Water,Water Everywhere…

how to stand out in a sea of emails…


So many waves in an ocean but only a few catch the sunlight.

To stand out and capture the reader’s attention, you must shine.

That’s where the glimmer and beauty of the water comes from that sheer radiance of glory on the crest of the brightest wave, a crystal of foam in a sea of limitless gray.  

Be the wave that stands out from the rest. I write email copy people notice. In an infinite sea of waves, all they’ll be looking at is you.



Glimmering, captivating results —

  • Hubspot Certified in Email Marketing.
  • High open rates.
  • High click rates.
  • Deep engagement.
  • Some clients saw 3x+ sales growth in a single year.

Take a dip it feels so good

"NAME," need to PROCESS PHOTOS for Many Campuses? Our Solution...

You need a photo system that doesn’t just handle 1 campus — but several. MyPhoto leverages multiple campuses across a single platform.

"NAME," You ASKED. CTM DELIVERS! Image Guides now Online.

We posted our Utilization Image Guides online to be more accessible. Answers you need are only a smartphone away. Sales just got easier!

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She wants the very the best — jewelry that’s beautiful & magical. $50 COUPON available. We have affordable & stunning pieces available!

"NAME," We met @AHR Expo! How Can Energy Transfer Help w/ fin tubes?

Great meeting you at the AHR Expo last week! Energy Transfer supplies the broadest selection of fin tubes. How can we help?

"NAME," TRICK OR TREAT??? Your card office, YOUR CHOICE!

You toss and turn like you’ve been up all night watching Nightmare on Elm Street, dreaming about long lines outside your card office door.

"NAME," stop in for our Kameleon Clearance event

This month only, we are having a special Kameleon Jewelry Clearance Event! Stop in today to take advantage of our deals and enter to win!

"NAME," get YOUR TICKET to fin tube happiness: Our FREE GUIDE!

Many fin tube suppliers have NO CLUE what they’re doing. Our FREE E-Book explains everything you need to ask to build the perfect fin tube.

"NAME," WE'RE NOT SNOBS - MyPhoto integrates w/ everyone!

Doesn’t matter if its TouchNet, Blackboard, CBORD — we work with everybody. Why not? We’re NOT SNOBS. MyPhoto is all-inclusive & seamless.

"NAME," our NEW BLOG: Avoid $1M+ Supply Chain Disaster!

Do you trust your supply chain for your finned tube? That’s a $1M+ question. Read OUR BLOG. The answer might surprise you!

"NAME," want to achieve UNIVERSAL CONVERSION for mobile ID Upload?

The rollout of your photo upload application should be amazing. But what if it’s crickets? Reach UNIVERSAL CONVERSION with Our Free Guide.

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