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a next generation approach to blogging & inbound marketing

Great blogging is more than just SEO. Keywords are like oxygen in the air. Nobody really thinks about it — they just breathe.


But what readers do notice is how breathing fresh air makes you feel — the crisp smell of pine needles, the energetic burst of the lungs from an uphill jog, the freshness of spring soaring through trees like an epiphany. That’s what people remember — why they react and respond to your business  with  pure stamina.


Great blogging is primal. Elicit instinct, the pure flight of adrenaline — the hairs on the back of your neck — that burn in the legs and in the pit of your stomach — and the reader will follow you just about anywhere you want to run.




My primal approach to blogging raises more than just neckhairs:

  • One client’s blogs experienced over 1,500 visitors per year with 399 new qualified leads.
  • Another client’s blogs experienced 1,000 visitors per year with 240 new qualified leads.
  • One client’s blogs helped raise organic search results by 30% with 270 new contacts.



Want a taste? Try some — it’s delicious…

Lights, Camera, Action! A Visit from Amazon’s Film Crew

You know what feels pretty sweet? Partnering with great people.

After all, strong partnerships make the world go around — where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Your success and theirs is integrated  synchronously beneficial and symbiotic. You work together like distinct parts in the same machine.

That’s why we couldn’t be happier with our partnered collaboration with Amazon. CTM is a major supplier of shipping and printing labelers for Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers. In fact, Amazon ships millions of products that have been labeled by a CTM label applicator. Amazon’s level of trust in our labeling machines is a source of community pride.

Prototype This! 3 Things You Need to Deliver Custom Enhanced Fin Tubes

Nobody wants to reinvent the wheel. But then again, how did the wheel ever become a wheel in the first place?

Some caveman prototyped it — hashed out a design and tested it ‘til it rolled like a stone. And to do that, he had to experiment — play around — until he found something that worked. It’s the same way with custom enhanced finned tube fabrication.

In order to build a fin tube made to order, you need to work with a manufacturer who has the capacity — the experience, capabilities, and infrastructure — to be able to experiment.

You’ve got an idea — a modification, an improvement, an invention to make life easier — but you need to find somebody to build it.

How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using Organic Herbal Blends


Seen this ad?

“I’m Henry Hill, and I quit smoking with a pharmaceutical — side effects may include farting, seizures, and heart attacks….”

You don’t need to be a Hollywood movie star or a Wiseguy to wonder if there’s a better way to quit smoking than a freaking heart-fart attack.

Can you effectively quit smoking cigarettes with a tobacco alternative like an herbal smoking blend?

3 Ways to Shop for Fine Jewelry You Absolutely Love on the Cheap

Want in on a secret that only jewelers who aren’t paid on commission are willing to share?

When it comes to jewelry, affordable and quality are not necessarily exclusive. You really can find high-quality jewelry and still save money, if you know how.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on  a piece of jewelry you’ve fallen in love with. There are plenty of ways to find quality jewelry for cheap and save money. A beloved piece speaks to the heart in ways an appraisal cannot measure.

The Wrong Labeling Machine: A Large Elephant, a Narrow Window


Buying the wrong labeling machine is like asking for a puppy on your birthday and getting an elephant instead. “What the world am I going to do with this?”

Many of our customers come to us in this very predicament. They need a labeling solution to solve a particular labeling dilemma, one that’s unique to their core product. But their previous labeling provider delivered them a setup suited for entirely different packaging.

Like an elephant parked next to the Prius in your garage, it doesn’t exactly fit.

Is Your Fin Tube Manufacturer Selling You Useless Snake Oil?


Want in on a secret?

The finned tube industry suffers from a lack of quality standards. It’s really a small market with many unqualified manufacturers slinging snake oil. Much like Dr. Comfort’s Candy-Covered Cathartic Compounds, their “solutions” are little more than ground up zinc, mercury, a pinch of arsenic. In many cases, they can actually do you more harm than good.

When built right, a fin tube is a sleek cylinder of efficient thermodynamics. Essentially, a DuraFin tube creates a barrier between two fluids or gases to enable the exchange of heat energy. It prudently spreads and increases the cooling surface area within a confined space to achieve superior efficiency.

Yet many manufacturers use very poor standards: They cut costs that affect quality, do little to no testing for quality control. Many are practically building tubes out of a dirt floor barn – that’s the Wild West reality of the finned tube market.

By the time you realize the difference, it’s too late: The fin tube doesn’t work effectively or breaks down; you’re left holding the bag.

It’s kind of like the Oregon Trail all over again: Do you start all over or die of dysentery?

Blind Man’s Bluff: Ignoring Product Labeling Samples Gets Expensive


As a kid, ever play blind man’s bluff?

It’s a lot like tag, but you can’t see a thing. You’re blindfolded in a field, scrambling like crazy as every kid on the block screams your name, taunting you to tag them out. Blindly waving your arms like a madman, you fumble, trip over a lawn chair, fall flat on your face.

Sound fun? In many ways, it can be a lot like buying a labeling system without first providing a proper product sample.  It hurts right in the pocketbook.

When you don’t furnish your labeling manufacturer a correct and accurate sample of what’s to be labeled…

…you’re going down, hard

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