RIP: The Boring Whitepaper

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Let’s face it. Most whitepapers put you to sleep. Yawn!

Not mine. My whitepapers (or EBooks, content offers, Revolutionary Manifestos  whatever you call ’em) are real pageturners.

From the beginning, the reader is hooked line and sinker. They can’t put you down.


Not a Yawn in the Bunch.


Nope. Instead your readers will laugh, cry — nod their heads along in syncopated wonder.

Because my whitepapers give your reader the answers they’re looking for. And they do so through an engaging storyline. They provide real value related to your industry that positions your company as THE SOLUTION to deliver.

Why be boring? The Internet doesn’t have time. And neither do you nor do your readers.

Amaze. Engage. Deliver. It’s just that simple.


Not for bedtime reading. Pages that turn themselves.

  • Hubspot Certified in Content Marketing.
  • Hubspot Certified in Inbound Marketing.
  • Content offers that have gathered hundreds of views,
  • 10s of thousands of entrances.

Have yourself a read. Do you like yours with cream?

Our Free Guide to Get the Entire Campus On Board

We have the perfect solution for universal conversion. Our FREE GUIDE, “10 Unbeatable Ways to Get Students Loving Your Photo Upload,” makes it easy to get students on board.


Our handy guide explains: 

  • How to spread the word via music platforms like Spotify, Pandora.
  • The benefits of offering free campus merch and digital discounts.
  • How to sponsor campus events and parties as promotional tools.
  • & more!

Spread the love for your new technology with these simple easy steps that can’t miss. Download your FREE GUIDE today!

The Secret to Planning a Labeling System:

Our Required Guide to Get It Right the First Time

Tired of getting burned by a labeling systems provider that fails to live up to their sales pitch? Want the most out of your labeling solution?

Fortunately, you never need to settle or get stuck with a labeling system that fails to deliver. Our planning guide walks you through the process of choosing the perfect provider, step-by-step:

    • How to optimize the LMS survey to highlight your needs!
    • Master footprint and efficiency of space with proper planning!
    • Optimize speed and automation options for perfect performance and price point!
    • How to know if a provider will deliver the service & repair you need!
    • Why the perfect partnership should be more symbiotic than break it you buy it!


This guide is absolutely required reading if you are considering investing in a labeling machine. Get the most for your investment with a labeling solution that works perfectly from the very beginning!

Ready to Lead Your Industry in Innovation?

A Free Guide to Buying the Right Fin Tube on the Very First Try

Buying the perfect fin tube is no easy task. Purchasing the correct finned tube can make or break a project.


No worries. We’ve got your back. Our free guide, “10 Things to Know Before Buying Finned Tube,” walks you through the process, every step of the way. Learn how to build and buy the perfect fin tube, the first time, every time.

You’ll learn:


  • How to tell if a manufacturer sells snake oil or solutions
  • What the fin tube producer needs to understand about design
  • Why material deadlines are so critical and what they can cost you
  • How to optimize the algebra of savings
  • How to design fin tubes for the greatest environmental benefit




      Our free guide is absolutely required reading to achieving the best fin tubing at the lowest possible cost. Build the very technology that will make you an innovations leader in your industry!

      How to Propose & Amaze Her with the Perfect Ring!


          Face it. You’re clueless.

          But that’s OK. You’re in love. You know it. You’ve already nailed the hardest part.

          Now to choose the perfect ring & pop the question like a dream come true.

          No worries. We’ve got you. Our FREE GUIDE breaks it all down — simple & easy.

          We explain:

            • How to choose the perfect ring.
            • How much to spend for style & value you can afford.
            • Everything you need to know to select the right diamond.
            • Tricks to optimize diamond value without blowing your budget.
            • How to make your proposal & ring absolutely unforgettable.

          Download your FREE GUIDE today. You don’t have to annihilate your credit score to get something beautiful & be happy. Who knew?

          Want Pain-Free Labeling? Our Guide to Mastering Engineering


          A well-designed labeling system runs so smoothly you hardly even notice it’s there. The KEY TO BEAUTIFUL DESIGN is working with a manufacturer that has great engineering capabilities.

              Check out our FREE Ebook, 7 Engineering Secrets to Stress Free Labeling. This FREE GUIDE tells you how to separate true solution providers from generic, less qualified vendors. It’s REQUIRED READING for anyone who wants seamless, pain-free labeling.

              Our FREE GUIDE explains:

              • Why simple efficient designs prevent headaches and heartache.
              • How ambidextrous modularity can increase throughput & profit.
              • Why testing a vendor’s engineering abilities is critical to seamless, intuitive labeling.


              Choose your destiny. Achieve your success. You deserve nothing less.

              Your FREE GUIDE to Supplier Assessment!


              SO MUCH depends on your fin tube supplier building a reliable and effective tube. That thinly layered pipe is all that stands between you and CATASTROPHIC disaster.

              What’s the key to getting it right? Work with a manufacturer who’s experienced and quantifiably tested. It’s impossible to overstate how critical this selection process is.

              We’ve got you covered. Our FREE E-Book, Will Your Fin Tube Supplier Deliver? 7 Questions You Need to Answer, explains everything you need to ask your provider, and yourself, in order to build the perfect fin tube.


              With our FREE GUIDE, you’ll learn how to:

              • Test your manufacturer’s expertise to deliver on quality.
              • Proactively plan a fin tube project for smoother and more efficient builds.
              • Know if your manufacturer tests for conformity and can ensure tube efficiency.
              • Separate the shysters from the craftsmen & achieve a perfect quality build.

              Finding the right supplier can make or break the success of your project. Sign in to get YOUR FREE GUIDE today.

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